"I injured my knee badly in 2012, GLC2000 is the only supplement that stopped the soreness. I would recommend it to all Crossfitters regardless of their ability or age because they'll notice a huge benefit."
Samantha Briggs
Crossfit Games Champion

"My elbow had tendinitis for months, it interrupted my training and ached constantly. Within 2 weeks of using GLC2000 it stopped flaring up and the ache was gone."
Ryan Wells
Gym Owner, Crossfit Athlete & Ex Royal Marine Commando

"There was no strength in my left shoulder, I had to use my right hand in order to push my left arm overhead! Not sure I'd be lifting more than an empty barbell overhead without GLC2000."
Amy Laffan
International Weightlifter

"After two weeks I couldn't believe the difference GLC2000 had made post surgery. No more hobbling down the stairs in the morning, no more taking anti-inflammatory medication. My knee now feels stronger than ever, and it's had a positive effect on all my other joints. "
Ben Stroud
Gym Owner & Masters Athlete

"GLC2000 is a product I recommend to everyone. I've seen it improve the quality of life of osteoarthritis sufferers, aid recovery and reduce injury of elite athletes, and reduce soreness for recreational gym goers. "
Lorna Heyes
Gym Owner

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